React, Typescript, Developer based in the UK

Hi, I’m Aaron! I’ve helped companies build high performing web experiences for over 7 years.

Oct 2022 - Present

Senior Front End Developer,
Magnetic Rock (SANS)

NextJS, React, Typescript, Restful APIs, Node, Performance, Jest, Cypress, Docker, Tailwind, Scss, AWS, Jira, Gitlab, Git pipelines, Notion

Collaborated with a talented designer to build out a brand new component library using react, nextJS, typescript and tailwind.

Converted the student course UI from SPA react to nextJS whilst integrating typescript.

Rebuilt primary screens of the student learning UI utilising the newly built component library.

Built out the latest version of the student course marketing site using nextJS, typescript and tailwind

2020 - 2022

Lead Fullstack JS Developer,

NextJS, React, Typescript, Sanity CMS, Tailwind, Restful APIs, Node, Performance, Jest, Cypress, Netlify, Vercel, Notion, Mentoring

Converted a large fintech marketing site from gatsby to NextJS whilst utilising typescript, tailwindcss, jest and cypress.

Rebuilt each page template and wired them into sanity cms to provide a key client with full control over their site structure, page layouts and content across the whole site.

Built and implemented a bespoke hubspot integration to power client's lead generation forms across their site.

Carried out a series of changes focused on improving the build and runtime performance of client's sites.

2016 - 2020

Fullstack JS Developer,
Mattress Online

NextJS, React, Typescript, Ecommerce, Graphql, Performance, Techincal SEO, Node, MongoDB, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Pipelines, Jest, Cypress

Planned and ran 24 conversion focused experiments to improve the shopping experience of our customers.

Designed and built out a brand new storefront react component library using typescript, react and scss.

Carried out a complete rebuild of the mattress online storefront UI using nextJS, typescript and SCSS driven by a bespoke API consumed via graphql.

Designed, built and delivered an internal stock management web application used by the logistics and order fullfilment team.

"Aaron is an exceptional Front End developer. I found him to be hugely knowledgeable about his craft and an energetic, enthusiastic team member who quickly built rapport with all those he worked with."

Joe Crocker
Worked together at Magnetic Rock
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